Years of Hoarding? We Can Remove All the Junk!

If you have a home or property that has suffered from years of hoarding, you can only imagine what kind of clean up lays ahead of you! It may be too much to clean up and not even knowing where to begin. When it comes to hoarding clearance, Waste Disposal @ SG is a trusted leader in the field of junk removal in Singapore. From a garage, bedroom, basement, or other areas to the entire house – no hoarding clearance is too big for us!
Our professional team is well-trained and experienced in hoarding clean up. We understand that hoarding can be a sensitive issue as there may be psychological reasons for hoarding. However, hoarding is dangerous due to the health, safety and fire hazards it poses. Let us help you get rid of the mess for you before they become a hazard!

Discreet and efficient estate clean out services

We understand that it is difficult for those who have lost their loved ones to perform a clean out of the house and belongings. With Waste Disposal @ SG, you do not have to do it yourself. Let our team of professionals assist you during this sensitive time. We promise to respect every single item that belongs to your loved one. 

As we know that some materials may hold sentimental value to you, we will seek your permission before removing each of them. Our cleaning team at Waste Disposal @ SG will handle each item with care while efficiently and respectfully remove all the unwanted items from your house. The items collected will be sent for donation or recycling if you allow. 

No matter the scale size of the cleaning you require, we will do it for you. Contact us today to schedule a cleanout with us, and our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. Waste Disposal @ SG is committed to providing the best and professional experience for our clients at every step of this difficult journey. 

Reasons for you to get a professional property cleaning and clearing

With frequent foreclosed properties, bankrupt businesses, and evicted tenants, the request for property cleanout services are common nowadays. Lots of junk and trash are still left behind even though the previous owners have removed their belongings. It can be overwhelming for the landlords or new owners to take over as they have to clear the leftover mess.
Let Waste Disposal @ SG help you. Regardless of the amount of junk to remove, our efficient team can do it for you.

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